Feb 21 2015


Age: 22
Home: Long Beach, California
Sponsors:DGK, èS, Altamont, Royal, Bones Wheels, Index Skate Supply

Am who should be pro: Kyle Walker.
Rookie of the year: Marquise Henry.
Video of the year:Static IV
City for skating: Dallas and San Francisco.
Recommended reading:Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
Fashion don’t: Who cares.
Inspiration: Good times with good people!
Spend too much money on: Food.

Not only does DeMarquis rip on a skateboard, he also has one of the smoothest styles I’ve ever seen. Watching him skate makes me wanna skate!—Kelly Hart

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Video / LESAR Photo / PATRICK

Nov 17 2014

Oct 22 2014

Jul 09 2014


Check out index’ Jordan McCollough’s recent trip to Europe, as seen in this latest Hombre edit.

filmed by:

Hadrien Buhannic
Shane Darnell

Edited by:

Shane Darnell

Jul 04 2014

Cruz City: District 8 “Firecracker Edit”

Filmed by Jesus Fuentes. Featuring James Levisnki, Isaac Figueroa, Terron Parker, Rowdy Altum, Edward Montes, Kozo Cavalcanti, Kennedy Cantrell, and Bret Gregory.

Jun 05 2014

Guest clips from: Jonathan Smith, Bret Gregory, Anthony Padilla, Kennedy Cantrell, Derek Stanko, Greg Mo, Zack Ater and Phillip kessel

Filmed by: Michael Varnadoe, Phillip Kessel, Victor Villafane, Sam laceky, David Uthus and PJ Medrano

Edited by: Michael Varnadoe

May 31 2014

Nike SB Lunar Janoski Wear Test featuring Derek Stanko, David Bradley, Jonathan Smith, Rob Cahill, Michael Sube, Barton Damer, and Tony Gomez.

filmed:: edited by Mario Washington


Mar 12 2014


Jan 16 2014

Here goes the first of many shenanigans that Auby got himself into.  Ya gotta love the “Fort Worth, Texas” introduction from Joe Hammeke.

Jan 03 2014

Check out our boy Kennedy Cantrell shredding it up in NYC with the homies from Iron Claw in this Mandible Claw edit.

Feb 28
- Gold Wheels Co.
Feb 27
- Welcome Skateboards
Feb 24
- Magenta Skateboards
Feb 20
- Death Lens Fisheye
Feb 20
- Alien Workshop

Feb 09
- Dallas Skate Art Show
Dec 31
- 4DWN Open House // Grand Opening
Dec 20
- Expedition One “Gone Fishin” Premiere
Nov 15
- The Kayo Mag Issue2 Vol. 2
Oct 18
- A HUF Halloween

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