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Check out Frankie’s full interview at Thunder

Apr 17 2015

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Mar 02 2015

Iron Claw Skates – New York City

Kennedy Cantrell
Phil Rodriguez
Daniel Stone
Tyler Mate
Lurker Lou

Guest Appearing:
Dharam Khalsa
Ian Rosenberg
Bret Gregory

Feb 21 2015


Age: 22
Home: Long Beach, California
Sponsors:DGK, èS, Altamont, Royal, Bones Wheels, Index Skate Supply

Am who should be pro: Kyle Walker.
Rookie of the year: Marquise Henry.
Video of the year:Static IV
City for skating: Dallas and San Francisco.
Recommended reading:Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
Fashion don’t: Who cares.
Inspiration: Good times with good people!
Spend too much money on: Food.

Not only does DeMarquis rip on a skateboard, he also has one of the smoothest styles I’ve ever seen. Watching him skate makes me wanna skate!—Kelly Hart

Follow Demarquis on instagram:@de_marquis

Video / LESAR Photo / PATRICK

Nov 17 2014

Oct 22 2014

Aug 28
- Vans x Golfwang Old Skool Pro
Aug 27
- Welcome Skateboards
Aug 26
- CONS Sage Elsesser & Sean Pablo Pack
Aug 25
- Palace Skateboards
Aug 24
- Fourstar x Anti-Hero Tony Trujillo Collection

Aug 07
Jul 18
- 4DWN Block Party
May 09
- Jeff Phillips Tribute
May 03
- Vans Propeller
Apr 20
- FTL Reason Premiere

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